Friday, January 28, 2011

Wedding Catch-up

It's so hard to believe that Chicken Butt and I still have 8 more months until our wedding. I feel like we've been engaged forever and that it's gonna be forever before October gets here. I guess that's what I get for A) wanting a fall wedding, B) wanting to wait until I graduated grad school and C) wanting to wait until I had been working for a while...

Anyway, since it seems like we still have FOREVER, we've been taking the planning slowly. I thought I would catch you up on what we've done/perused recently.

 I guess the biggest thing is...I said YES TO MY DRESS! My mom and I went out shopping, once I could finally wrap my head around shopping for a wedding dress. It was a great experience but I did regret not being able to include my MOH and BM since they were both out of town for grad school. Anyway I can't wait to wear it and take pics to show everyone, just 8 more months (still seems like forever).

There were some things that surprised me about my choice and it really wasn't what I had in mind at all, but it was beautiful and looked amazing and ultimately I think it fits the image I'm dreaming of. Initially I had thought of something like this:

But I ultimately when with a fuller skirt with an ivory material. I tried on a couple dresses like the one above but it didn't really feel formal enough to be a wedding dress. I wanted something elegant, romantic, timeless, and I loved the lace and femininity in this dress. I think I ended up with all that and more in the one I actually chose though, so I'm happy.

Secondly, I've been perusing wedding invitations. I've pretty much just been looking at because basically, I don't really know of any other reputable sites (anyone have any suggestions?) These are some of my favorites (today at least).

It's all coming together slowly but surely (more slowly than surely really haha). Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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  1. I love the invitations! I did a fuller dress in ivory--its so much more flattering than white and feels more like a bride.

    We went to Royal Hideaway in Playacar, Mexico. We loved it, felt extremely safe, the food was wonderful, and it was so empty we had the place to ourselves. But, i know a lot of people are kinda effy about Mexico becuase of the safety now, so....